SUBTIL Essenthyal is a not-cross-linked polymeric hydrogel, containing sodium hyaluronate and hydroxyapatite (up to 0.01%) in buffered non pyrogenic water, available in versions each with a different concentration of sodium hyaluronate: 10mg/ml, 15mg/ml – 20mg/ml – 30mg/ml.


Subtil lts particular and exclusive composition, allows the use of a hyaluronic acid with high purity, which carries
microspherules calcium hydroxyapatite (CAHA) with stimulating action on the subcutaneous tissue. The beneficial and corrective action has type counterpart as the result of stimulation of some cells present in the skin tissue.


Subtil, containing hyaluronic acid with high purity, is indicated in ali forms of skin aging due to a deficiency and
disappearance of its component. Furthermore, the presence of minerals microspherules (CAHA) with a stimulating action pro-inflammatory, allows the regeneration of new subcutaneous connective tissue, with obvious benefits for the tonicity and elasticity of the skin.


The beneficiai effects resulting from the infiltration of Subtil in dermal level are evident from the first application. After about an hour the disappearance of small wheals caused inoculation of the product in the subcutis, some types of cells are “activated” to produce neo-collagen with a clear “rejuvenation effect” that will persist for a long period.
It has been clinically proven that regular sessions of infiltration Subtil improve the appearance and elasticity of the skin for several months.

Innovative formula

Both in vitro and in vivo tests, in accordance with the relevant regulations, have demonstrated that Subtil is highly pure and biocompatible, non-mutagenic, non-toxic, non- sensitizing and resistant to mechanical stresses:

  • Chemical characterization, including FT-IR and NMR spectroscopy
  • mechanical characterization (rheology and texture analysis)
  • in vitro cytotoxicity
  • in vivo implantation test
  • intracutaneous reactivity test
  • Acute systemic toxicity test
  • Delayed hypersensitivity test
  • Bacterial reverse mutation assay (Ames test)
  • in vitro mammalian Chromosome Aberration Test
  • Degradation test

Injection technique

The best way to introduce Subtil in the skin tissue and get better results is certainly the technique of mesotherapy.
Microinjections, with 4mm needles, subsequent at a distance of approximately 5mm from each other, trigger a process of bio-stimulation active and beneficiai; without the risk of accumulations or abnormal reactions, however, never recorded with Subtil.


Medical device CE marked, according to DDM 93/42/EEC, manufactured by EUmaterials Srl.

Hyaluronic Acid Concentrations and Indications

Subtil EssentHyal™ 1%10 mg/mlhydration of young skin
Subtil EssentHyal™ 1.5%15 mg/mlhydration and biostimulation of aged skin with low severity
Subtil EssentHyal™ 2%20 mg/mlhydration and biostimulation of aged skin with medium severity
Subtil EssentHyal™ 3%30 mg/mlhydration and biostimulation of aged skin with high severity


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